Italy is the only major country without a direct flight from and to San Francisco.

We, the business community of the Bay Area and Italy, believe that the lack of a direct flight is an anomaly that damages the economy of both Italy and California.

Therefore we petition Alitalia and other airline companies to act fast in order to re-establish the direct flight between Italy and San Francisco that was discontinued after September 2001.

We ask all people traveling back and forth from Italy via other airports to join our petition now.
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The absence of a direct flight is a very costly mistake because:


Every day, circa 300 people fly from San Francisco to Italy through different airports (data from the SFO Airport Authority)


Italy is the eighth largest economy in the world, of the same size as Russia and still much larger than India. An estimated 7,500 US companies do business with Italy and more than 1,000 US firms have offices there. Just in the past 12 months 1,800 startups were launched in Italy. In Silicon Valley 12,000 startups are operational, with 50 new ones taking off every month.


Since September 2001 the business and high-tech reality of both regions has grown exponentially. Today a vibrant technological exchange and networking relationship is hampered by the lack of a direct flight.


Italy is the main tourist destination for Americans. 4,5 million tourists from the US have visited Italy in 2013. On the other hand, according to the San Francisco Travel Association, 100,000 tourists from Italy came to San Francisco in 2013. Despite the recent economic recession, Italy represents the eighth market that in 2013 and saw a 10% increase.


Italy is the second preferred destination by US college students, with more than 30,000 students a year and second only to the UK.

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